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Certified Reliability, Discover our UL LED Controller
Versatile Control, Certified Reliability: Discover our UL LED Controller

Versatile Control, Certified Reliability: Discover our UL LED Controller

Experience the smart and versatile design of our UL LED Controller, powered by Tuya & COXO. Offering multiple control options and robust performance,  our LED controller ensures seamless integration and reliable lighting solutions for a wide range of applications. 

UL Certification and 3-Year Warranty

Safety and quality are at the forefront of our design. Our LED controller is UL Certified, meeting stringent safety standards to ensure dependable performance. Backed by a 3-year warranty, you can trust in the longevity and reliability of our product. Whether for home or commercial use, our controller provides peace of mind and consistent operation. 

Powered by Tuya & COXO

Leveraging advanced technology from Tuya & COXO, our smart controller offers a seamless and intelligent lighting experience. With Tuya's powerful platform, control your LED strips via a smartphone app, voice commands, or automated routines. COXO’s innovative technology guarantees smooth and reliable operation, making your lighting control hassle-free. 

Multiple Control Methods

Our UL Certified LED Controller supports three versatile control methods:

This flexibility allows you to select the control method that best suits your needs, ensuring a convenient and user-friendly experience. 

Compatible with Various LED Strip Types

Are LED strip lights capable of working with any controller? For optimal use, your led strip light controller must be compatible with whichever led strip light you want to control.Therefore, to meet different needs, our smart UL LED controllers can precisely control five types of LED strips: Single Color, CCT, RGB, RGBW, and RGBCCT, providing unparalleled flexibility for your lighting needs: 




Competitive Pricing

High-quality lighting solutions should be accessible to everyone. COXO's UL Certified LED Controller offers exceptional performance at a competitive price, making advanced lighting control affordable and within reach.