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cob led strip


480 400 528 CCT RGB RGBW

SMD led strip


2835 5050 2216 3838 3014 3528

ws2812b led strip

Digital LED Strip

WS2812B WS2811 WS2813 SK6812

UV395 led strip

Special LED Strip

Mini LED Strip / UV LED Strip

led neon light

LED Neon

S-Type / W-Type / R-Type

LED Aluminum channel

LED Profile

Surface Mount / Recessed / Pendant

led controller and remote control

LED Controller

Tuya / Wifi / Bluetooth

H series cob led strip connector


LED connector / LED power supply

New Arrivals

480 cob led strip
400 5mm cob strips
840 cob strip light digital
784 rgbw strip cob
2835 led strip
rgb digital strip
led cob strip connector
ES32 stair light controller
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About COXO Technology

COXO produces a wide range of high quality flexible LED strips that can be widely used in residential, commercial and industrial production. We are one of the leading LED manufacturers and suppliers in China, we always use high-quality LEDs and other raw materials, and strive to create LED strip products that meet your requirements and high standards, we can provide you with customized lighting solutions .With deep knowledge of all these related accessories, led aluminum profiles, led controllers, power supplies, connectors and cables, we combine and assist our customers to make the best choice. 

With on-going development of the business, COXO products have achieved UL, CE and RoHS certificates and we have explored various shipping links to ensure customers receive products fast and economically. Our excellent international sales and after-sales team is always at your service.


UL Certificate
CE Certificate
BIS Certificate
ROHS Certificate

Product Introduction

Coxo latest double line cob strip high lumen 2700-3050lm/m, CRI95 cob led strips super large luminous surface, 3 oz PCB, good electrical conductivity, strong heat dissipation, resistant to bending.

Cob rgb led strip lights Uniform lighting, no spot, We offer the widest selection from basic 450leds/m to peak density 1134leds/m. Top standard solution for your color lighting projects.

Hot sale 5-star LED controller with group control, automatic synchronization and WiFi control, can be used for single-color, cct, rgb, rgbw light strips, high quality, high satisfaction, 5-year warranty.

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Top Quality Service & Expertise

We care about not only the quality of products, but the quality of lighting.

LED Strip & Linear Light Case

home application

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led controller

What are the types of RGB LED controllers?

The RGB LED controller tunes the strengths of three basic colors of red, green, and blue, and mixes them to generate any specific color.

COXO LED strips controllers are rich in types, such as Triac DALI 0-10V controllers, SPI led controllers, RF Wireless Dimmable Drivers, DMX controllers, RF Series led controllers, Tuya Wifi Bluetooth smart controllers, etc..

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flexible cob strip

9 Types Recommended Flexible COB LED Strips

COXO has 9 kinds of flexible COB led strips, namely doubel line COB strip, Ra95 cob strip, high lumen cob strips, CCT RGB COB strip, Digital addressable cob strip, side-emitting cob strips, CSP cob strip, COB LED neon light strip.

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high cri led strip

What is CRI? What is high CRI?

What is CRI? What is high CRI? High CRI LED strips can make a huge difference in how well colors are presented, such as in your home, store, studios, business, etc. CRI lighting is the major factor for the difference. High

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Through 6 years of cooperation, we know that coxo is a reliable led strip light partner manufacturer. They can provide a one-stop solution and have also developed very good products for us. If you want to buy LED strip from China, coxo is a good choice.
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Ishita Malhotra
LED lighting business
COXO has ranges of led strip lights. Such as COB led strip, 5050 led strip light, 2835 led strip light, 3014 led strip light, 2216 led strip light, addressable led strip light, CCT/ RGB/ RGBW led strips. Good quality control let us in front of customers won more honor. Thank you!
Kylo James
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