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What is CRI? What is high CRI?

High CRI LED strips can make a huge difference in how well colors are presented, such as in your home, store, studios, business, etc. CRI lighting is the major factor for the difference. High CRI lighting makes the same object look much better than lower CRI. Our PRO series LED strip lights all have a CRI of over 95, 5 year warranty, and are UL Listed.

CRI95 and CRI80

What is CRI?

CRI stands for Color Rendering Index, which indicates how well the light source can faithfully and accurately reveal the original color of the object illuminated. In other words, how close the color appearance under the light source is to the original color. Original color is the color that appears under a reference light source, which is perfect in terms of the ability to reveal colors.

Therefore, if you need to emphasize a specific color vividly, you can use the method of adding color to enhance the color rendering effect. Light source with low color temperature can make red more vivid; light source with medium color temperature can make blue feel cool; light source with high color temperature can make objects feel cold.

What is high CRI?

High CRI lighting means that the light source can faithfully reveal the original colors, close to the reference light. High CRI is defined as the General CRI Ra greater than 90 and R9 higher than 70.

The higher the CRI, the better the need of true colors pursuit by the human eyes is served. With led light strip that are low in CRI, the colors of the illuminated objects look slightly distorted. They look as if someone had put a gray veil over the colors, making them look dull and lifeless.

When we discuss LEDs for high CRI lighting, we not only need to consider the typical color rendering index Ra, but also should take into account the special color rendering index R9 to R15.

R9 is very important as it is the rendering ability for saturated red. Therefore, only when CRI (Ra) is greater than 90 and R9 is greater than 70 shall we say that the light source has a real high CRI lighting. In other words, only when both Ra and R9 have high values at the same time, the high CRI lighting of the LED can be ensured.

Coxo high CRI LED strip lights

Our LED light strips are made with LEDs that have a very good CRI rating. Our Pro series light strips are ultra-high CRI LED strips with CRI over 95 and R9 over 90. The product categories include 2835 led strip, 5050 led strip, 3014 led strip, 2216 led strip and Ra95 cob strips.

Pro series led strip lights

COXO is a professional manufacturer in LED strip light, We focus on LED strip light research, solution and production. Our expertise and over 10-year experience make us good at making professional LED strips. We products have achieved UL, CE, RoHS and ERP certificates. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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