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What Is Best Stair Light Controller?

With the stair light controller, you can easily DIY your own smart stair light. When you go upstairs, it lights up the lights from downstairs to upstairs, and if you are going downstairs, it lights up a light from top to bottom! Adjustable running speed, delay time, easy to create your own smart stairs.

This time we focus on two stair led controllers: ES32 and V2-STEP-1002.

ES32 PIR Sensor LED Stair Light Controller

ES32 stair light controller can connect to 32 channel stair single color led light most and 1 RGB LED pixel strip for escalator. It comes with 2 PIR sensors that can be installer on where you want to trigger. The lights will turn on when someone is close to it.

stair light controller ES32

ES32 stair lighting controller features:

  1. Two stair light controllers can be cascaded.
  2. 2 groups of SPI (TTL) signal output, can drive 27 digital IC RGB LED strips, can set IC type and R/G/B order.
  3. OLED display + 3 buttons for operation.
  4. Daylight sensor.
  5. 4 different kinds choices: white step lighting, Z-shape RGB digital flow lighting, straight RGB digital flow lighting+ white step lighting&straight RGB digital flow lighting.
  6. Built-in multiple color modes, the speed is adjustable from 1 to 8 levels.
  7. The push switch can also be used as an inductive signal input.
  8. Fast self-checking function.

Wiring diagram

ES32 stair controller

V2-STEP-1002 PIR Sensor LED stair controller

V2-STEP-1002 stair led controllers with 2 PIR human body infrared sensor switches (Recessed), sensor distance<3m, its sensing mode is light on when people come, light off when people leave.

v2-step-1002 stair controllers

V2-STEP-1002 Key function:

  1. Switch short press once adjustable LED speed, a total of four steps. Speed adjustment was 100% 75% 50% 20%, the darker the red light, the faster the speed, the brighter the red light, the slower the speed.
  2. Switch length press 5 seconds, enter step number set mode. Short press the switch once, set the first step stairs, short press the switch the second time, set the second step stairs, short press the switch the third time, set the third step stairs, and so on, until the actual demand set the number of stairs. The controller has a corresponding blue indicator light for the steps, and the blue indicator lights up every time the step size is set. After the above operations are completed, press and hold again for 5 seconds to automatically save the corresponding settings.

Wiring diagram

V2-STEP-1002 Controller


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