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What is a mini LED strip Lights?

The mini LED linear lighting is designed to be one of the slimmest linear lights in the industry. Equipped with high quality LED chips and sturdy adhesive backing, the mini LED strip light is powerful enough to create beautiful light in small spaces, ideal for different applications inside and under cabinets, inside any product, or any other need for ultra-thin LED strip light items.

Application of Mini LED Strips

  • Mirror backlight
  • Inside the product
  • TV backlight
  • Under the kickboard
  • Display cabinet lighting
  • Inner cabinet
  • Counter lighting
  • Hotel room accent lighting
  • Bay Lighting

COXO mini strip light series

COXO offers mini strip lights including 3mm LED strips, 4mm LED strips, 5mm LED strips, available in 12V DC, 24V DC, and a variety of popular color temperature options; our mini strip series has UL, CE, BIS, RoHS certifications and 3-5-year warranty.

mini led strip lights

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