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What can RGB COB LED Strip Light do?

RGB LED Strip Lights are colored lighting strips of light that have the ability to produce any shade of any color, and it is created by mixing up the three primary colors; Red, Blue, and Green. Their output depends on their type of LED controller used. They also have the ability to produce white light. Our RGB strips can include RGB SMD LED strip, RGB COB LED strip and addressable LED strip. Now, we mainly introduce the advantages and applications of RGB COB led strips.

RGB COB LED Strip Feature

  1. Uniform lighting, no spot.
  2. We offer the widest selection from basic 450leds/m to peak density 1134leds/m.
  3. Thousands of mixing colors have an wonderful color lighting effect.
  4. Top standard solution for your color lighting projects.
  5. Modern COB Packing technology, Excellent heat dissipation, great stability, bendable.
  6. Thanks to high-quality chips and the advanced design of the light strips, the lifetime of our strip lights can easily exceed 50,000 hours.
  7. Come with genuine 3M double-sided tape, do not fall off once it sticks to the mounting surface.

Application Scenario

Best COB RGB LED light strip can produce any desired color. Due to the flexibility in generating emission colors, they are suitable for both residential and commercial applications, where adjustable emission colors for different situations are required, as well as lighting solutions requiring extremely specific emission colors.

For example, it is highly suitable for bars, stages and parties, because colored lighting is the basic choice of these places. At the same time, the RGB LED light strip can be synchronized with the music to create a dynamic and energetic atmosphere.

Also, you can set up decorative lighting for your bedroom, dining room, window, home theater, game room, car, RV, bias lighting for TV and PC etc.

rgb cob led strip


COXO is a professional manufacturer in LED strip light, We focus on LED strip light research, solution and production. Our expertise and over 10-year experience make us good at making professional LED strips. We products have achieved UL, CE, RoHS and ERP certificates. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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