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What can red LED strip lights do?

Here you’ll find what you need to know before buying red LED strip lights. We offer the best vivid bright red LED strip for commercial and residential lighting applications, including red 2835 LED strip (60 LEDs/m, 120 LEDs/m and 240 LEDs/m), red 5050 LED strip (60 LEDs/m), red COB strips (480 LEDs/m and 320 LEDs/m) and red COB neon lights (480 LEDs/m), available in 12V, 24V and waterproof versions. These different types of red strip light have wavelengths of 620nm-625nm.

Red LED strip Lights applications

1. Red LED strip lights is very suitable for bars, hotels, restaurants, KTV, night clubs, casinos, theaters, etc.

2. Home applications for entertainment room, PC and TV bias lighting.

3. They are also widely used for Christmas, parties, and holiday decoration; event venue decoration, exhibition decoration, display cases, shop windows, store fronts and other decorative lighting.

4. Backlight or halo light for signs.

In addition, red LED tape can be used with our high quality LED channel profiles for better thermal management or to create different aesthetic lighting designs and interesting effects.

Red LED strip lights

Did you know that the first red LED was developed in 1962 by General Electric employee Nick Holonyak Jr. Initially, the brightness and luminosity efficiency of red LEDs were low, but with the development of materials science research, the discovery and use of materials has been driven and the luminosity efficiency and brightness of red LEDs have been greatly improved.

Nowadays, LED strips lights has also developed to a mature stage, and many different types of LED strips have been produced. The red LED strip is a kind of colored strip light. So, in addition to red, the 2835 and 5050 color LED strip lights come in seven other colors: Green, Blue, Pink, Ice Blue, Violet, Golden Yellow, Orange and Yellow. COB LED neon lights are available in three colors: Green, Blue and Red. The color COB strip light comes in eight colors, namely Green, Blue, Pink, Ice Blue, Violet, Orange, Yellow, and Red. If you need other colors or other types of LED strips, you can also contact us directly.

In conclusion, we produce the highest quality red LED strip lights in the market. Our LED strips are UL certified for high performance, high efficacy, optimal durability and color consistency. 5-year warranty for SMD red LED tape, 3-year warranty for COB red LED strip.

We have been developing and manufacturing high quality strip lights for over a decade. There are many types of LED strip lights available to meet the needs of contractors and end users.

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