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What are the benefits of tunable white LED strip?

Tunable white LED strips, adjustable color temperature LED strips or CCT LED strips are new lighting terms we are hearing more and more. All of these terms refer to an LED strip that can adjust its color temperature, usually in the range of 2700K to 6500K color temperature. It is the function of adjusting white shade and changing color temperature through remote, wired adjustable white LED controller or DMX controller.

tunable white LED strip

In more and more places, you see the white light set to 2700K at one time, then it becomes 4000K, and then it becomes 6500K again. How does this happen? Are there many strip lights with different color temperatures installed behind? No, this is a unique feature of LED strip tunable white. So what are the benefits of choosing an adjustable color temperature LED strip light?

1. For better mood setting

Light affects the human non-visual system, including the diurnal regulation of mood. Bright light can enhance a focused mood, and blue light can bring you peace and calm. Natural light can make you happier. Warm white makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Using a tunable white LED strip is a lighting treat, from very warm white to very bright white, all adjustable to suit your needs.

Tunable white LED strip lighting has been used in some high-end restaurants, bars, salons, hotels and clubs, and also provides customers with a better experience.

2. For higher productivity

Scientific studies have shown that people are more alert and more focused in bright light, whereas in warm light, the brain tends to relax and become less alert.

For example, for office workers, it is recommended to use high-color temperature and high-brightness lighting in the morning and after lunch break to increase the “stimulation” that people receive at work, so as to improve people’s attention and focus, thereby improving work efficiency; ​lighting levels can be lowered during lunchtime or bedtime, because lunchtime is the time for the body to relax and rejuvenate, and bedtime is the time for the body to rest and melatonin to be produced on time.

Therefore, the tunable white led strip can also be used for conference room, bedroom and classroom lighting. Ideal for group work and creative projects when used in conference rooms, and when used in classroom lighting, teachers can determine the lighting color temperature according to the learning materials to achieve the best learning conditions.

3. For better health

The correct color temperature is beneficial to human health, and lighting with different color temperatures will affect sleep, mood, attention, work and study performance.

For thousands of years living in the sun’s circadian cycle, humans have developed a corresponding biological rhythm, called circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is responsible for the production of various hormones, as well as the level of alertness and body temperature.

Since the beginning of electric lighting, humans are no longer limited to the sun as the sole light source. Because of this, humans can now extend their working hours, longer or earlier than ever before.

However, this new form of light also has an impact on circadian rhythms. Receiving unexpected levels of light at the wrong time, the body produces hormones at the wrong time, and alertness and temperature levels can lose balance. This misalignment can cause a variety of medical symptoms, including reduced sleep and depression.

We use the best tunable white led strip to replicate the color temperature light produced by the sun throughout the day. In this way, we provide near-natural lighting and maintain our body’s circadian rhythms to improve health.

All in all, the adjustable LED light strip has a strong ability to adjust the color temperature, and has a wide range of applications and strong applicability. COXO CCT LED strips include SMD CCT strips and COB CCT strips, among which SMD tunable white LED strips include 2835 CCT strips, 2216 CCT strips, 3528 CCT strips and 3838 CCT strips. If you need, please contact us.

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