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What are LED Strip Light?

With professionalism and dedication, we are committed to the R&D, manufacturing and sales of high quality flexible LED strip lights. More than a hundred models, be they 2835, 5050, 2216, 3014, 3528, 4040, 3838, COB and other different series, or high density, high CRI, non-waterproof and waterproof strip lights, can be found here. They are the most popular choice for modern homeowners, professionals and lighting designers in a variety of applications.

SMD LED Strip Light

How does the LED strip work?

For white or single-color LED tape lights to work properly, they need to be connected to an LED power supply at the appropriate voltage. Connect the LED power supply to the household electrical system and the LED strip will immediately produce light. You can also choose to install an LED dimmer to adjust the brightness level of the LED strip.

Note: When selecting a power supply, the voltage of the LED supply must match the voltage of the LED strip, otherwise the LED strip will be damaged. For more information, click on – How to choose LED power supply for LED strips.

If using RGB, RGBW, RGBCCT or tunable white led strip lights, an LED controller is required and placed between the strip and the power supply.


The flexible LED strips are ultra-thin, easy to hide, and easy to install, allowing you to illuminate without having to see the source. In addition, they are easy to cut and fast to connect via a LED strip connector, are energy efficient and environmentally friendly, and are frequently used in residential and commercial applications.

Residential applications. In residential buildings, LED strip light is widely used under cabinets, under counters, ceiling recesses, corridors, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, living room eaves, terraces, game rooms, indoor theaters, etc. almost anywhere.

Commercial application. In commercial projects, they can be used in various commercial places such as display cases, cabinets, retail store walls, ceilings, restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, landscaping, plaza walkways and steps.

Best led strip lights are often used in conjunction with LED strip channels to create stunning lighting effects that greatly enhance the visual appeal of any space. LED aluminum profiles can help provide a professional finish appearance, better light diffusion and lighting of various shapes required. In addition, they can also protect the LED tape and prolong the service life of the flexible light strips. To learn how to buy an LED channel and what it does, see our buying guide for LED aluminum extrusions.

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