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Waterproof Driverless High Voltage AC220V LED Strip

COXO driverless AC220V LED strip adopts high quality silicone material and design in short 10cm cutting unit, which is near to DC12V & DC 24V LED strip, good flexibility, outstanding bending resistance. The high voltage led strip can be max run 50 meters and also be cut or connected by means of complete accessories. Driverless design greatly reduces the installation cost of power supply, labor and wiring. The led strip is widely used in professional commercial lighting projects.

AC220V Driverless 50M/Roll IP67 LED Strip

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Model NoLED Density
Work VoltagePower Per Meter


Cutting Unit

PSF2835-120-62K-V2201206500KAC 220V13.6W/M>801500Lm12 LEDs 100mm50m 12*4mm
PSF2835-120-40K-V2201204000KAC 220V13.6W/M>801500Lm12 LEDs 100mm50m 12*4mm
PSF2835-120-30K-V2201203000KAC 220V13.6W/M>801500Lm12 LEDs 100mm50m 12*4mm
PSF2835-120-R-V220120RedAC 220V13.6W/M//12 LEDs 100mm50m 12*4mm
PSF2835-120-G-V220120GreenAC 220V13.6W/M//12 LEDs 100mm50m 12*4mm
PSF2835-120-B-V220120BlueAC 220V13.6W/M//12 LEDs 100mm50m 12*4mm

The Latest VS The Older AC220V LED Strip

Driverless and Driver

New LED Strip
IC-inside technology, No driver, directly connect to 220V

220v led tape_04

Old LED Strip
Instability with an extra driver to connect to 220V

220v led strip_06

Cutting Unit

220v led strip_07

High Grade Dow Corning Silicone VS PVC

220v led strip_08
smaller size, excellent flexibility,
UV resistant, non-yellowing
big size, low flexibility, yellowing

AC220V VS DC12V&24V LED Strip

  • Max length can be 50 meters with even lighting
  • Good flexibility, outstanding bending resistance as good as DC 12V & 24V led strips
  • 10cm cut unit near to DC 12V & 24V led strips
  • High lighting quality equal to DC 12V & 24V led strips
  • Driverless design reduces installation cost of power supply, labor and wiring
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1 RUN of AC220V strip = 10 RUNS of low voltage strip

220v led strip 1

High brightness and high efficiency

Same brightness from the beginning to the end, less soldering points, convenient for long distance installation.

220v led strip

Complete accessories for easy installation

Each roll of 50 meters includes extra 1 pair waterproof power cable, 2 pieces end caps, 2 pieces tail plug and 100 pieces fixing clips.

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Safety warning

AC220V led strip is intended to be installed and serviced by a qualified, licensed electrician.
AC220V led strip must be handled with care. The silicone tube cannot be damaged.
Do not power strip light while attached to spool or tightly coiled.
Shut off power before operating the led strip and the mounting accessories.
Ensure all connections have been properly installed and the end housing of the connector is sealed tightly before switch on the power.
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Package Information

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Widely applied in professional commercial lighting projects.

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