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Top 3 Different Series High-Brightness LED Strip

Brightness is measured in lumens. That is, the total amount of visible light, and the higher the lumen output, the brighter the LED strip. When purchasing high-brightness led strip lights, you can look at the lumen output per meter to select the brightest LED strip. In addition to lumens, LED strips are associated with high efficiency, LED density and color temperature.

1. The relationship between the brightest LED strip and lumens

We said earlier that brightness is measured in lumens, that is, the higher the lumen output, the brighter the led tape will be. COXO comes in three different series of high-brightness LED strip.

U2835 LED Strip

The 24V U2835 led strip has 128 leds/m, 160 leds/m and 224 leds/m, with a high Ra>92, and the lumen can reach more than 2000Lm/m, please refer to the following table for details:

ModelLED QtyColorWork VoltagePowerBrightnessRa
24V DC14.4W/M2300~2380Lm/m92
24V DC18W/M 2880~2980Lm/m92
24V DC24W/M3840~3960Lm/m92

Large Size E2835 LED Strip

The E Series 2835 LED strips are available for lighting projects that require high brightness and large size. The sizes include 10mm, 15mm, 19mm, 36mm, and 58mm. The 58mm strip light can reach 5500Lm, Ra>92, please refer to the table below for details:

ModelLED QtyColorWork VoltagePowerBrightnessRa
E2835-168-V24-P101686000K,4000K,3000K,2700K24V DC20W/M2200-2450Lm92
E2835-238-V24-P102386000K,4000K,3000K,2700K24V DC22W/M2420-2750Lm92
E2835-D196-V24-P15196Double Lines6000K,4000K,3000K,2700K24V DC28W/M3080-3500Lm92
E2835-T252-V24-P19252Three Lines6000K,4000K,3000K,2700K24V DC30W/M3300-3750Lm92
E2835-F280-V24-P36280Four Lines6000K,4000K,3000K,2700K24V DC36W/M3960-4500Lm92
E2835-V350-V24-P58350Five Lines6000K,4000K,3000K,2700K24V DC44W/M4840-5500Lm92

COB U Series LED Strip

The U series COB strips are professional-grade LED strip lights with a brightness of up to 2000Lm/m, providing a high-performance color rendering and brightness solution.

ModelLED QtyColorWork VoltagePowerBrightnessRa

2. The relationship between the brightest LED strip and high efficiency

With the same current, voltage and number of LEDs, the higher the luminosity efficiency of the LED package, the higher the brightness of the LED tape. For this reason, the high-brightness led strip light are made with high-efficiency LEDs, hence they are also called high-efficiency LED strip.

With high-efficiency LEDs, we can manufacture white LED strips with 2000 lumens, 3000 lumens or even more lumens per meter, while also designing LED strip that can absorb the appropriate current and keep the strips in optimal thermal management.

3. The relationship between the brightest LED strip and LED density

LED density directly affects the brightness of an LED strips, and the high-brightness LED strip are usually the ones equipped with high-density LEDs. This is because the brightness of a single LED is limited, even if it is a high-efficiency LED, because more LEDs are needed per unit of output to increase the brightness.

2835 led strip

4. The relationship between the brightest LED strip and the color temperature

Color temperature is related to thermodynamic temperature, expressed in Kelvin (K). Color temperature is a measure of the color of light, and temperature is defined as the color temperature of light when the light emitted by a light source is the same as that emitted by a black body at a certain temperature.

There are 3 common color temperature ranges: warm white (2700K-3000K), neutral white (4000K-5000K) and cool white (6000K-6500K). The 6500K LED strip is generally the brightest visual perception for the human eye, and white light with a color temperature above 8000K will have a distinct blue tint.

As a result, cool white LED strip are also called daylight white, which is the most popular white. At the same wattage, the 6500K LED strip appears to have the highest brightness and is often referred to as the high-brightest LED strip.

In short, the 6500K LED tape light is the brightest white LED light strip in the human eye, and white light is the closest to natural light. Light with a color temperature above 6500K appears blue.

high-brightness led strip

What can high-brightness LED strips do?

These high-brightness LED strip are very attractive and functional in many situations. It can be used for lighting decoration in retail space and modern space.

Retail space: High-brightness led strip light can make a space stand out, grab people’s attention, and make colors more vibrant and pleasing. Many jewelry stores and watch stores prefer to use cool white 6000K or 6500K light strips as display lighting to make their merchandise sparkle and attractive.

Modern Space: Cool white light stimulates the human brain to keep people awake and focused. This high level of awareness and focus can lead to high productivity, so they can also be used in manufacturing facilities, teachers, offices. In addition, high-brightness led strip can also be used as basic lighting elements in contemporary spaces such as high-end hotels, restaurants, clubs and homes.

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