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The difference between warm white, neutral white and cold white

Single-color LED strip are roughly divided into three colors: warm white, neutral white and cool white. According to the color temperature, warm white light is divided into 2700K and 3000K, neutral white light is 4000K, and cool white light is divided into 6000K and 6500K. Deciding which is right may seem difficult to some, but in our opinion, there is no right or wrong way to choose a color for a lighting project, it is a subjective feeling or preference.

3000k led strip light

Warm white: 2700K and 3000K

The most common 2700K light is the light from an incandescent bulb, which creates a very cozy and warm environment. Under 2700K warm white lighting, people will feel very comfortable and relaxed when chatting with friends or watching TV. Likewise, when you stay in the bedroom, the 2700K warm white light can maintain a calm and peaceful atmosphere so that you can fall asleep quickly. Therefore, 2700K warm white strip light are mostly used in restaurants, hotels, bars, reception areas and bedrooms of coffee shops, etc.

The 3000K has slightly less yellow compared to the 2700K and looks cleaner and clearer than the 2700K. Therefore, if you want a warmer but clearer or cleaner space, you can choose a warm white 3000K led strip. You can use it for living room ceiling, dining room or under cabinet lighting etc.

3000k strip light

Neutral white: 4000K

4000K light is whiter than 3000K light, and 4000K light is somewhat of a lighter yellowish color, which is also a warmer white. According to the normal perception of the color temperature range, 3000K belongs to the upper limit of the warm white range, and 4000K belongs to the neutral white. Neutral white LED strip are usually suitable for task lighting to better carry out various operations and activities, such as kitchens and offices, etc.

3000k led strip

Cool white: 6000K and 6500K

6000K-6500K LED strip light is the brightest LED strip light among white LED strips. The color temperature of 6000K led strip is lower than that of 6500K led strip, and 6500K is often called the brightest LED light strip, and it is also the white light closest to natural sunlight. Therefore, cool white strip light is very suitable for art and design studios, photography, printing, museums, exhibitions, etc. If you want to know more about high-brightness LED strip, you can continue to browse: Top 3 Different Series High-Brightness LED Strip.

Choose between warm white and cool white light

Cool white light is a brighter, more intense white than warm white light. Their differences include color temperature, different perceptions by viewers, and different strengths in their respective lighting applications.

In terms of color temperature. There is a huge difference between warm white and cool white, with warm white being at the low end of the range and cool white being at the high end of the color temperature range for everyday lighting applications. Warm white light has a yellowish tinge, while cool white light does not have a yellowish tinge, but is daylight white.

In terms of giving people feelings. Warm white light strips produce relaxing and happy lighting, while cool white led strip provide illumination to help focus and increase alertness.

In lighting applications. The advantage of warm white light is to create a comfortable and warm atmosphere, while cool white is good at clearly showing details or creating a high-end space with a transparent and modern appearance.

Whether it is warm white light, neutral white light or cool white light, they all have different characteristics and can bring different feelings to people. How to choose between the three depends on your project requirements or your subjective feeling. If you want to have 3000K, 4000K, and 6500K light at the same time, or more color temperature options, you can choose a tunable white led strip, which can produce any color temperature between 2700K-6500K.

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