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side view LED strip light

Side emitting LED strips or side view LED strips are unique LED strips with shaped diodes that glow sideways instead of upwards, they are very flexible so you can run them along the thin edge and around the shape and corners to bend them. Side view strip light are available in Single-color series and RGB series, ideal for accent lighting, backlighting, edge lighting, and more.

V3014 Single-color Side View LED Strip Light

COXO single color Side view led strip are available in a variety of models, 60LEDS/M, 120LEDS/M, 156LEDS/M. The form is a simple information for side lighting strips, if you need more details, please contact us immediately.

Natural White
Warm White
12V DC4.8W/M430 Lm/m80+
Natural White
Warm White
12V DC9.6W/M850 Lm/m80+
Natural White
Warm White
12V DC12.5W/M1120 Lm/m80+

In addition, there is another one specially designed for special situations or applications that require a wide angle, that is, the 300-degree view led strip. It is using SMD2835 and SMD3014 side view as light source.

300 Degree View Strip Light Features:

  • The maximum beam angle is 300 degree
  • Use EPISTAR LED-long life span
  • Good heat dissipation performance
  • High CRI and high brightness
  • Color temperature consistency

V6812 Side View RGB LED Strip

COXO side emitting led strip rgb was developed in response to the need for dynamic coloured lighting, capable of creating magical and sophisticated lighting for a variety of applications.

RGB Side View LED Strip Light Features:

  • Digital full color and side emitting
  • PWM 2KHz/m, date transmit up to 800kbps, 256 grayscale effect
  • One LED can be cut and individually programmable with super bright SMD4020
  • 60, 72, 90, 120, 144 pixels/m optional, with high density and reliability
  • White/Black PCB 5mm, 8mm, 10mm available
Side View LED Strip


COXO focuses on the research, solutions and production of LED strips. Customized service is one of our strengths. We can provide one-stop solutions for your indoor and outdoor lighting projects. If you need it, our excellent international sales team is always at your service. Welcome to contact us.

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