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V3 RF RGB LED Controller


V3 RF RGB Controller

Work Voltage

12-24V DC


12V<144W, 24V<288W

Max Load Current

4A*3 CH


97* 33*18(mm)




5 years

V3 RGB LED Controller + Remote Control

V3 RGB LED Controller_02

Three Remote Control Ways

RF 2.4GHz wireless technology, can match with all COXO handheld remotes, wall touch panel remotes, IOS or android smart phones with WiFi-Relay converter.

V3 RGB Controller_04

MINI Style 3 Channels LED Controller

  • Can match with all 2.4G RGB/RGBW remotes.
  • Three control ways (Handheld remote, wall touch panel remote, and smart phone with WiFi-Relay).
  • One controller can accept up to 10 remote control, unlimited controllers can be controlled by one remote.
  • Simultaneous Auto-transmitting function.
  • Multiple zones for group control.
  • 3 Channels controllers can be used for changing the light effects of RGB, color temperature/ CCT or single color LED lights.

V3 RGB Controller_06


Model No. V3 RGB LED Controller
Input Voltage 12-24V DC
Output Voltage 3X(12-24)V DC
Output Current 3CH,4A/CH
Output Power 3X(48-96)W
Input Signal RF 2.4GHz
PWM Frequency 1000Hz (default)
IP Rating Ip20
Protection Reverse polarity
Short circuit
Size(mm) 97*33*18

Remote Control Key Function

R8-1 1 zone RGB/RGBW remote
V3 remote control_08

RT4 1 zone RGB/RGBW remote

V3 remote control_10

RT9 4 zone RGB/RGBW remote


Simultaneous Auto-transmition

Controllers automatically transmit the signal to other controllers simultaneously, within a range of 30m between each controller, to expand the distance more then 100m between the remote and the farthest controller.



Mechanical Structures and Installations


Wiring diagram

V3 RGB led controller works well with single color, dual color and RGB led strip light.

V3 for RGB

V3 rgb controller_18

V3 for dual color

V3 rgb remote_20

V3 for single color

V3 rgb remote_22

RGB LED Controller Function

  • Match with RF 2.4G single zone or multiple zone single color, dual color and RGB/RGBW remote control.
  • One RF controller accept up to 10 remote control.
  • 4096 levels 0-100% dimming smoothly without any flash.
  • When using with RGB light, built in 10 dynamic mode, include jump or gradual change style.
  • Auto-transmitting function: Controller automatically transmit signal to another controller with 30m control distance.
  • Synchronize on multiple number of controllers.
  • Light on/off fade time 3s selectable.

Application notes

1.All the receivers in the same zone.

V3 rgb remote_30

Auto-transmitting: One receiver can transmit the signals from the remote to another receiver within 30m, as long as there is a receiver within 30m, the remote control distance can be extended.

Auto-synchronization: Multiple receivers within 30m distance can work synchronously when they are controlled by the same remote.

Receiver placement may offer up to 30m communication distance. Metals and other metal materials will reduce the range.

Strong signal sources such as WiFi routers and microwave ovens will affect the range.

We recommend for indoor applications that receiver placements should be no further apart than 15m.

2.Each receiver (one or more) in a different zone, like zone 1, 2, 3 or 4.

V3 rgb controller_32

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