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NPS LED Power Supply


  • Cover regular power,from 24W to 400W.
  • Standard , Slim and Narrow design, Suitable for different applicatios.
  • High efficiency ,Up to 85%.
  • Over voltage, overload, overheating protection.

Slim and Long LED Power Supply – 3CM

  • 3CM slim and long design, a good solution for big size linear light, cover regular power from 60W to 400W.

NPS led power supplys

NPS Series LED Power Supply Parameter table


Model Power Work Voltage Output Voltage Output  Current Dimension (mm) Weight (kg/pcs)
NPS-24 24W 100-265V AC
12V/24V 2.0A (12V)
1.0A (24V)
135*34*23mm 0.11kg
NPS-36 36W 100-265V AC
12V/24V 3.0A (12V)
1.5A (24V)
135*34*23mm 0.11kg
NPS-60 60W 100-265V AC
12V/24V 5.0A (12V)
2.5A (24V)
172*34*23mm 0.11kg
NPS-100 100W 100-265V AC
12V/24V 8.33A (12V)
4.17A (24V)
145*49*29mm 0.18kg
NPS-150 150W 180-265V AC
12V/24V 12.5A (12V)
6.25A (24V)
195*48*28mm 0.25kg
NPS-200 200W 180-265V AC
12V/24V 16.67A (12V)
8.66A (24V)
195*48*28mm 0.30kg
NPS-250 250W 180-265V AC
12V/24V 20.8A (12V)
10.4A (24V)
258*48*29mm 0.38kg
NPS-360 360W 180-265V AC
12V/24V 30A (12V)
15A (24V)
245*64*29mm 0.38kg
NPS-400 400W 180-265V AC
12V/24V 33.3A (12V)
16.67A (24V)
245*64*29mm 0.38kg

Wide Range Of Applications

NPS power supply-1

NPS led power supply-2

NPS led power supply-3

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