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N1220 LED RGB Neon Light


N1220 12x20mm


2700-6500K /RGB /RGB&W /2811RGB /2812RGB /2815RGB

Work Voltage



10W/M /15W/M /18W/M /12W/M /12W/M /10W/M

Bending direction

Side bend



N1220 LED RGB Neon Light:

Model Color Power Brightness Work Voltage Cuttting Unit Size
N1220-224-CCT-V24-IP67 2700-6500K 10W/M 420Lm/m 24V 62.5mm(24V) W12*H20*L5000
N1220-84-RGB-V24-IP67 RGB 15W/M 2200-2600MCD 12V/24V 35.7mm(12V)
N1220-84-RGBW-V24-IP67 RGB&W 18W/M 2000-2400MCD & 180Lm/m 24V 71.4mm(24V)
N1220-60-2811RGB-V12-IP67 2811RGB 12W/M 2000-2400MCD 12V/24V 50mm(12V)
N1220-84-2811RGB-V24-IP67 2811RGB 14W/M 2000-2400MCD 24V 71.4mm(24V)
N1220-60-2812RGB-V5-IP67 2812RGB 12W/M 2000-2400MCD 5V 16.7mm(5V)
N1220-60-2815RGB-V12-IP67 2815RGB 10W/M 2000-2400MCD 12V 16.7mm(12V)

N1220 RGB LED Neon Light Strips

N1220 led rgb Neon Light Strips

Made Of Dow Coring Silicone, The Quality Of Each Batch Can Be Guaranteed To Be Consistent.
Light-Emitting Surface Is Same Among Different Batch.
No Deviation In The Light-Emitting Color.
led neon tube
neon tube picture
Anti-UV, Anti-Aging, Anti-Yellowing.
Stable, Fire-Retardant, Heat-Resistant, And Cold-Resistant,
Keep Stable At -60℃ (Or Lower Temperature) To +250℃ (Or Higher Temperature).
neon tube Working temperature

Easy To Use

neon light strips operation

1.cut according to your needs. 2.Apply silicone glue at the end. 3.Put the end cap to firmly fit the light. 4.Wipe off redundant glue with a rag.

With Complete Accessories

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