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LPS LED Power Supply


  • Cover regular power,from 60W to 400W.
  • Standard , Slim and Narrow design, Suitable for different applicatios.
  • High efficiency ,Up to 85%.
  • Over voltage, overload, overheating protection.

Slim and Long LED Power Supply-2CM

LPS best led power supply

LPS Series LED Power Supply Parameter Table

Model Power Work Voltage Output Voltage Output  Current Dimension (mm) Weight (kg/pcs)
LPS-60 60W 100-265V AC
12V/24V 5.0A (12V)
2.5A (24V)
170*53*18mm 0.15kg
LPS-100 100W 100-265V AC
12V/24V 8.33A (12V)
4.17A (24V)
195*53*18mm 0.19kg
LPS-120 120W 100-265V AC
12V/24V 10.0A (12V)
5.0A (24V)
195*53*18mm 0.22kg
LPS-150 150W 180-265V AC
12V/24V 12.5A (12V)
6.25A (24V)
250*53*22mm 0.28kg
LPS-200 200W 180-265V AC
12V/24V 16.67A (12V)
8.66A (24V)
308*53*22mm 0.32kg
LPS-300 300W 180-265V AC
12V/24V 25A (12V)
12.5A (24V)
308*53*22mm 0.35kg
LPS-360 360W 180-265V AC
12V/24V 30A (12V)
15A (24V)
308*53*22mm 0.35kg
LPS-400 400W 180-265V AC
12V/24V 33.3A (12V)
16.67A (24V)
388*53*22mm 0.50kg

Wide Range Of Applications

NPS power supply-1

LPS led power supply-2

NPS led power supply-3

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