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ES32 Stair Light Controller


ES32 stair light controller

Input voltage


Output voltage

5-24VDC, 32CH

Output type

32 stpes



PIR Sensor Stair Light Controller

  • Two stair light controllers can be cascaded.
  • 2 groups of SPI (TTL) signal output, can drive 27 digital IC RGB LED strips, can set IC type and R/G/B order.
  • OLED display+3 button operation.
  • Daylight sensor
  • 4 different kinds choices: white step lighting, Z-shape RGB digital flow lighting, straight RGB digital flow lighting+ white step lighting&straight RGB digital flow lighting
  • Built-in multiple color modes, the speed is adjustable from 1 to 8 levels.
  • The push switch can also be used as an inductive signal input.
  • Fast self-checking function.

Product Description

  • Input : 5-24VDC
  • Output: 5-24VDC, 32CH, Max. 1A/CH, 32 x (5-24)W
  • Output type: 32 stpes-32 CV single color strips + 2 SPI (TTL) strips (Max 2×960 pixels)
  • Sensor: 2 PIR human body infrared sensor switches(Recessed), sensor distance<3m
  • PIR sensor mode: Light on when people come, light off when peope leave
  • Size: 186*86*25.5

PIR Sensor Stair Light Controller ES32

ES32 stair light controllers

Accessories Packing with The Controller

Accessories Packing

The PIR Sensor Active LED Light to Turn On

It comes with 2PIR sensors can be installed on where you want to trigger, the lights will turn on when someone close to it.


stair led controller

Digital Display and Button Free to Set Up Lighting Effect

LED lighting step quantity and speed are allowed to set up, 4 working modes and 1-8 speed level optional.


4 Lighting Modes Can be Set Up, 8 Speed Levels Adjustable


Push Switch Control for Option

Two button switches are connected as up/down sensing signal input, pressing the switch will ignore the daylight sensor threshold setting.

Push Switch Control for Option

Cascade Connection of Two Stair Light Controllers

Two stair light controllers, connected in cascade via the UP/DW interface, can increase the number of steps and pixel dots.

Stair Light Controllers

Digital Pixel RGB LED Strip Compatible IC Type List

Compatible IC Type List



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