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COB 384 CHIPS Mini LED Strip


cob 384leds/m mini strip light

LED Qty (pcs/m)


Typical Color


Work Voltage

12/24V DC




500-650Lm (3mm)
700-900Lm (5mm)



Cutting Unit


PCB Size




3mm/5mm 384 Chips COB Mini LED Strip


3mm COB 384led/M Mini LED Strip

384 p3 cob led strip

5mm COB 384led/M Mini LED Strip

384 p5 cob mini led strips

Parameter Table

COB 384 LED Series LED Strip Light

Product Name COB 384leds/m Mini COB Strip Light
Model A5000-384-P3 A5000-384-P5
LED Qty 384
Work Voltage 12V 24V 12V 24V
Power 7W/M 10W/M
Brightness 500-650Lm 700-900Lm
Typical Color 2700K/3000K/4000K/6500K
CRI 90+
Cutting Unit 20.8mm 41.6mm 20.8mm 41.6mm
PCB Thinckness 2 oz 2 oz 2 oz 2 oz
PCB Width 3mm 3mm 5mm 5mm
IP Rating IP20

Mini Series CRI90 384led/M COB LED Strip

  • New technology, high density, dot-free, Ra>90.
  • 2 OZ or 3OZ FPC, original high quality 3M 9495LE tape, with special design strong package. LED with LM-80 Test approval.
  • Mini size 3mm-5mm width, and 0.5-1cm cutting unit.
  • Customized service available, customized MOQ>1000M, 3 Years Warranty.

mini cob strip

3mm mini cob strip light :

Model No. LED Type LED Qty
CCT Work Voltage Power Lumen
A5000-384-65K-V12-R90-NWP-P3 COB 384 6500±300K 12V DC 7W/M 650lm 90+
A5000-384-40K-V12-R90-NWP-P3 COB 384 4000±200K 12V DC 7W/M 600lm 90+
A5000-384-30K-V12-R90-NWP-P3 COB 384 3000K±100K 12V DC 7W/M 550lm 90+
A5000-384-27K-V12-R90–NWP-P3 COB 384 2700K±100K 12V DC 7W/M 500lm 90+
A5000-384-65K-V24-R90-NWP-P3 COB 384 6500±300K 24V DC 7W/M 650lm 90+
A5000-384-40K-V24-R90-NWP-P3 COB 384 4000±200K  24V DC 7W/M 600lm 90+
A5000-384-30K-V24-R90-NWP-P3 COB 384 3000K±100K  24V DC 7W/M 550lm 90+
A5000-384-27K-V24-R90–NWP-P3 COB 384 2700K±100K  24V DC 7W/M 500lm 90+

5mm mini cob strip light:

Model No. LED Type LED Qty
CCT Work Voltage Power Lumen
A5000-384-65K-V12-R90-NWP-P5 COB 384 6500K±300K 12V DC 10W/M 900lm 90+
A5000-384-40K-V12-R90-NWP-P5 COB 384 4000K±200K 12V DC 10W/M 850lm 90+
A5000-384-30K-V12-R90-NWP-P5 COB 384 3000K±100K 12V DC 10W/M 750lm 90+
A5000-384-27K-V12-R90–NWP-P5 COB 384 2700K±100K 12V DC 10W/M 700lm 90+
A5000-384-65K-V24-R90-NWP-P5 COB 384 6500K±300K 24V DC 10W/M 900lm 90+
A5000-384-40K-V24-R90-NWP-P5 COB 384 4000K±200K  24V DC 10W/M 850lm 90+
A5000-384-30K-V24-R90-NWP-P5 COB 384 3000K±100K  24V DC 10W/M 750lm 90+
A5000-384-27K-V24-R90–NWP-P5 COB 384 2700K±100K  24V DC 10W/M 700lm 90+

3mm-5mm Flexible COB Strip Lights

  • Flexible COB Mini LED Strip, Minimum 3mm width PCB.
  • 2OZ or 3OZ FPC.
  • 3-5mm width for choice.
  • Original 3M tape, 3 years warranty.
  • New technology, high density, dot-free, Ra90+.

mini flexible cob strip

  • Bendable: It’s more bendable than any other SMD LED strip. Easy to make any shape.
  • Soft & Balance lighting: Very balance and comfortable light, no dark area, no light spots.
  • Cuttable: The rest LED strip work normally.
  • Double-sided Tape: Strong double-sided tape for easy installation.

mini cob strip light

90+ Color Rendering Index

mini cob strip

Connection Diagram

mini cob strips light


cob strip light

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