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2835 60LEDs/M LED Strip


2835 60led/m led strip

LED Qty (pcs/m)


Typical Color


Work Voltage

12V DC/ 24V DC







Cutting Unit

3 LEDs 50mm/6 LEDs 100mm





2835 flexible LED strip light

2835 led strip_02

12V 2835 60led/M LED Strip

2835 led strip

24V 2835 60led/M LED Strip

led strips

Parameter table

2835 60 LED Series LED Strip

Product Name 2835 60leds/m LED Strip Light
Series V Series LUX Series Pro Series
Model V2835-60-V12 V2835-60-V24 A2835-60-V12 A2835-60-V24 P2835-60-V12
LED Qty 60led/m 60led/m 60led/m
Work Voltage 12V DC 24V DC 12V DC 24V DC 12V DC
Power 9.6w/m 10.8w/m 10.8w/m
Brightness 950-980lm/w 950-1020lm/w 740-810lm/m
Typycal Color 2700K/3000K/4200K/6200K 1900K/2700K/3000K/4000K/6000K 2700K/3000K/4000K/5700K
CRI 80 92 95
Cutting Unit 50mm(3 leds) 100mm(6led) 50mm(3 leds) 100mm(6led) 50mm(3 leds)
PCB Thinckness 2 oz 2 oz 3 oz
PCB Width 8mm
IP Rating IP20/IP54/IP65/IP67/IP68

LUX Series CRI92 2835 60led/M LED Strip

  • Ra>92, full range of color temperatures, fast delivery in 3-10 days.
  • 2/3 OZ FPC, original high quality 3M 9495LE tape, 3 or 6LEDS/cut, with special design strong package. LED with LM-80 Test approval.
  • Widely applied in commercial lighting, energy-saving and environment-friendly.
  • Customized service available, low MOQ.
  • UL CE BIS RoHS Certification, 5-Years Warranty.

LUX series

Model No. LED Type LED Qty
CCT Work Voltage Power Lumen
A2835-60-60K-V12-NWP 2835 60 6000K±300K 12V DC 10.8W/M 950~1020Lm 92+
A2835-60-40K-V12-NWP 2835  60 4000K±200K 12V DC 10.8W/M 92+
A2835-60-30K-V12-NWP 2835  60 3000K±100K 12V DC 10.8W/M 92+
A2835-60-27K-V12-NWP 2835  60 2700K±100K 12V DC 10.8W/M 92+
A2835-60-19K-V12-NWP 2835  60 1900K±100K 12V DC 10.8W/M /
A2835-60-60K-V24-NWP 2835  60 6000K±300K 24V DC 10.8W/M 950~1020Lm 92+
A2835-60-40K-V24-NWP 2835  60 4000K±200K 24V DC 10.8W/M 92+
A2835-60-30K-V24-NWP 2835  60 3000K±100K 24V DC 10.8W/M 92+
A2835-60-27K-V24-NWP 2835  60 2700K±100K 24V DC 10.8W/M 92+
A2835-60-19K-V24-NWP 2835  60 1900K±100K 24V DC 10.8W/M /

CCT Available:1900K±100K,2100K±100K,2300K±100K,2500K±100K,2700K±100K,3000K±100K,3300K±100K,3500K±100K,3700K±100K,4000K±200K,4500K±200K,5000K±200K,5500K±200K,6000K±300K,7500K±500K,10000K±2000K

V Series CRI80 2835 60led/M LED Strip

  • High cost performance solutions for LED Strip, CRI>80.
  • Widely applied in commercial lighting projects.
  • 2 Years Warranty.

v series led strip

Model No. LED Type LED Qty
CCT Work Voltage Power Lumen
V2835-60-62K-V12-NWP 2835 60 6200K±300K 12V DC 9.6W/M 950~980Lm 80+
V2835-60-42K-V12-NWP 2835 60 4200K±250K 12V DC 9.6W/M 80+
V2835-60-30K-V12-NWP 2835 60 3000K±150K 12V DC 9.6W/M 80+
V2835-60-27K-V12-NWP 2835 60 2700K±150K 12V DC 9.6W/M 80+
V2835-60-62K-V24-NWP 2835 60 6200K±300K 24V DC 9.6W/M 950~980Lm 80+
V2835-60-42K-V24-NWP 2835 60 4200K±250K 24V DC 9.6W/M 80+
V2835-60-30K-V24-NWP 2835 60 3000K±150K 24V DC 9.6W/M 80+
V2835-60-27K-V24-NWP 2835 60 2700K±150K 24V DC 9.6W/M 80+

Pro Series CRI95 2835 60led/M LED Strip

  • Professional grade, high standard CRI>95,R9>90, providing the the best color rendering solution.
  • High brightness, CRI>95, 3 or 4 OZ FPC ,original 3M tape 9495 300MP, special design strong package.
  • Customized service available, customized MOQ>1000M, 6 Years Warranty. SDCM<2 is available for customization.

P series led strip

Model No. LED Type LED Qty
CCT Work Voltage Power Lumen
P2835-60-57K-V12-R95-NWP 2835 60 5700K±300K 12V DC 10.8W/M 810Lm 95+
P2835-60-40K-V12-R95-NWP 2835 60 4000K±200K 12V DC 10.8W/M 810Lm 95+
P2835-60-30K-V12-R95-NWP 2835 60 3000K±100K 12V DC 10.8W/M 780Lm 95+
P2835-60-27K-V12-R95-NWP 2835 60 2700K±100K 12V DC 10.8W/M 740Lm 95+


  • Showcase lighting, warehouse, bathroom, living room, meeting room, etc.

2835 application

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