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Mini COB LED Strip Lights

The COB flexible LED strip, the nicest option for any LED profile, is now in high demand in the market. As the supplier of COB with first technology, you can find a wide range and an incredibly innovative COB LED strip lights, such as cob digital led strip, V series cob led strip, Ultra-long mini cut cob strip, cob RGB led strip and mini cob led strip, etc.

Now, we focus on the COB mini LED strip. You can find 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm cob mini strip lights at COXO.

mini cob led strip

Mini COB LED Strip Light Advantage

Bendable: It’s more bendable than any other SMD LED strip. Easy to make in any shape.

Soft & Balance Lighting: Very balanced and comfortable light, with no dark areas and no spots.

Cuttable: The rest LED strips work normally.

Double-sided Tape: Strong double-sided tape for easy installation.

Connection Diagram

Connect it to transformer

Work with adapter


COB mini lights strip are the same high efficiency LED tape that eliminates the dotted look of standard SMD strip light, but in a super flexible 3/4/5mm form factor. COB LED light strips are ideal for tight locations where distance from the lighting surface is an issue, creating a uniform appearance without costly and cumbersome extrusion. Such as stage props and costumes that require flexibility.

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