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What is ws2811 led strip?

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What is ws2811 led strip?

WS2811 LED strip is an economic addressable led strip controlled by external IC WS2811. Each IC controls 3 LEDs hence every 3 LEDs are cuttable as one single pixel. Each pixel is individually addressable, this makes it very flexible in many applications.


WS2811 is 3 output channels special for LED driver circuits. It internal includes an intelligent digital port data latch and signal reshaping amplification drive circuit also include a precision internal oscillator and a 12V voltage programmable constant current output drive. To reduce power supply ripple, the 3 output channels are designed to delay turn-on function.

Ten characteristics

Feature 1: Addressable full color smd 5050 rgb led strips

Feature 2: WS2811 IC external

Feature 3: Perfect lighting & decoration solution

Feature 4: color changeable

Feature 5: Waterproof Grades :IP20/IP65/IP67/IP68 

Feature 6: Programmable

Feature 7: Cuttable

Feature 8: High brightness

Feature 9: Long Life

Feature 10: Easy to install

Five steps of installation

For the installation of LED lamp belt, the simplest method is to fix the LED lamp belt in a suitable position with 3M adhesive. The specific operation steps are as follows:

Step 1: Wipe the surface of the object to be installed.

Step 2: Tear off the 3M glue on the back of the led lamp strip.

Step 3: Paste the led tape directly at the position to be installed.

Step 4: After the installation of the led strip light, connect the power supply.

Step 5: Finally, the controller can be used to control the color change of the led strip.


Flexible ws2811 led strip can be easily used in facade lighting, wall lighting, back lighting, holiday (Christmas, etc.) lighting, stage design lighting, staircase lighting, display case lighting, ceiling lighting, KTV lighting etc.


LED light strips have a wide range of uses and can be used to easily illuminate any space. Our LED strips are available in many types, sizes and configurations. You can also order led strips in bulk from COXO. Please contact us for more information.

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