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Alibaba Platform Stars Plan PK contest

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Update time : 2021-03-11 14:58:03
Alibaba platform stars plan PK contest
In March when everything recovered, We are competing with another company on Alibaba platform.

In this event, the Alibaba platform organized eight excellent enterprise factories to hold a competition. The eight companies were divided into two Team, and the four companies formed a team. 4v4 PK, Star(Bule)team and Galactic(white) team PK (We are star team ).

Activity content: target performance completion rate, each team reports the performance target, the team first completes the target and wins

In order to win this competition, all the participants of our COXO carefully formulate combat plans and actively prepare for the battle, hoping to use the highest quality products and the most meticulous services to obtain the transaction amount of each customer.

Hope that customers can give us the greatest support, COXO Come on!
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