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How to connect LED strip lights to power supply?

Most high-quality LED strips are low voltage LED strip lights that need to be connected to a power supply to work. The LED power supply is also known as the LED driver because it drives the LED strip to work. The power supplies is also known as an LED transformer because it converts the mains 220VAC or 110VAC to 12V or 24V.

This article will show you how to connect an LED tape to a LED strip power supply.

After choosing the appropriate LED strip light power supply, we will connect the red and black wires of the LED strip to the corresponding terminals or leads of the power supply. Here, you need to focus on the positive and negative poles of the strip light. They must correspond to the positive and negative poles of the power supply output. (Sign + or +V for the red line; sign – or -V or COM for black line).

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LED Power Supply connection method

Warm white, neutral white, and cool white strip lights can be connected directly to power supplies in the following ways.

  • The LED tape light and power supply have matching DC male and female connectors that can be inserted directly into the connection.
  • The LED power supply has a DC male connector, and the LED light strip has a pigtail lead. A coaxial barrel and screw terminal connector is required.
  • The LED tape has pigtail leads and is connected to a common switching power supply. Just secure the pigtail leads with screws at the power output terminals. If it is a single-color strips with a DC connector with two wires, you can cut off the DC connector, strip the wire, and connect it to the power supplies.
  • The LED strip has a pigtail lead. And LED strip power supplies also have pigtail leads. You can use the clip on connectors to connect the leads of power led supply and the LED strips. You can also use wire-end ferrules to connect, then put on the heat shrink tubing to provide insulation. Clip-on connectors and wire-end ferrules are professional and easy LED connectors that do not require soldering.

However, if you are using a tunable white strip light, 5050 RGB or RGBW LED strip, the LED tape light needs to be first connected to the LED controller and then the controller is connected to the LED strip light supply.

Next, all you have to do is connect the LED strip power supplies to the 110V home power network. The input of the power supply is generally marked with L (live), N (neutral), and G (ground). If a power supplies needs to be connected to the wall outlet, a three-phase power cord is required.

In short, use white strips such as warm white or cool white LED strips. If you do not install the LED controllers, you can easily supply power from multiple feed points. Simply connect a 5 meter or shorter wire into the LED strip light power supply.

In the case of RGB, RGBW strips or installations with controllers, of course the wires must be distributed from the controller. If the load exceeds the output of the LED strip controller, an LED amplifier should be used.

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