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How to choose LED strip light channel?

Increasingly, lighting experts and homeowners are choosing to purchase LED strip light channels as an essential component for LED strip installation. The use of LED aluminum profiles not only improves the aesthetic feel of the light, protects the LED strips and prolongs their life, but also improves the light diffusion function of LED strip lighting.

One of the main purposes of buying and using an LED profile channel is for spotless lighting or better light diffusion. We can help you select and purchase the right LED strip light channel.

Top 3 things to look out for when choosing an LED strip light profile

1. The inner width of the LED strip light channel

First, the internal width of the LED aluminum channel depends on the width of the strip you need to install, and make sure that the internal width of the LED channel is greater than the width of the LED strip.

Secondly, on the issue of the inner width of the LED strip profile and the connection of the strip light, if you choose to connect the LED tape light by welding and place it in the LED profile channel, it will not increase the width of the led tape, nor will it affect the inner width of the LED aluminum profile width. But if you need to use the LED connector to connect the led strips and place it in the LED profile, the width of the LED strip light channel is determined by the width of the LED strip connector, not the width of the strip light, which is worth noting.

Finally, in terms of the relationship between the inner width of the LED strip light channel and the lighting brightness of the light strip, in addition to the brightness of the LED tape itself, it also depends on the combination of the led strip light channel and the number of strip lights. Generally speaking, if you need high brightness, you can choose high-brightness LED tape light; if you want the strip to be brighter, you can choose a wider LED aluminum channel and you can arrange two or more strips side by side.

2. The installation method of LED strip channel

There are 5 installation methods for the LED strip channel. Different installation methods can correspond to different series of LED mounting channels, and are suitable for different installation scenarios. The five installation methods are surface mount, recessed led channel installation, led corner profile installation, pendant installation, and ceiling installation. You can choose the LED channel based on the installation method you need or the project.

led channel
3. Select the appropriate LED channel according to the application

If it is used for main lighting or task lighting, it is recommended to choose a medium or large led extrusion profiles. The medium and large LED strip light aluminum profile has a larger light-emitting surface and one or more LED strips can be placed to provide higher brightness.

If used for residential decor, such as cabinet lighting, counter lighting, or kitchen table lighting, it is recommended to choose a mini-sized LED channel; for channel lighting, such as stairs and walkways, you can choose from a dedicated LED strip aluminum profile.

COXO has a number of LED channel models, and whether it’s a large size, mini, corner or LED aluminum channel for stairs, we are able to provide the right solution.


COXO product line includes more than 200+ models of LED profiles, such as furniture LED profile, niche LED profile, stair LED profile, edge LED profile, mounting LED profile, floor LED profile, corner LED profile, flexible LED neon tube. With the production capacity of 500,000 meters per month and independent sample-made line, we are capable of taking over various sizes of orders with fast action, from 1pcs to 100,000pcs.

We can provide a one-stop solution for your indoor and outdoor lighting projects. Please feel free to contact us.

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