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How to choose LED power supply for LED strip?

What is LED power supply?

LED power supply, also known as LED strip transformer, is a very important component for proper installation of LED strips. LED strips are low-voltage LED light strips that require a low-voltage LED power supply or LED driver. A proper LED strip power supply is also crucial for the LED strip to perform optimally. Using the wrong LED power supply can damage not only the light strip, but the power supply itself. Also, a power supply that is too weak can cause overheating.

Main factors to consider when choosing an LED power supply for your LED lighting project

  • Select the correct input and output voltage

The working output voltage of the LED strip is 12V or 24V. If your light strip is 12V DC (DC stands for direct current), you should choose a 12V LED power supply. Do not use 24V power supply, otherwise the LED light strip will be damaged. If the LED light strip is 24V, then choose a 24V LED power supply. If you use a 12V LED strip light power supply, there will be a problem that the voltage is not enough to drive the LED tape.

Most LED power supplies have a range of input voltages. This range should include the voltages available for lighting installations. Most residential and commercial areas have 120V power supply, while most industrial places have 277V power supply.

So make sure the voltage range you enter covers your voltage. For example, an LED strip power supply with an input voltage range of 100 – 240V can be used in a home with 120V power supply, but it is not suitable for an industrial site with only 277V power supply, which requires a larger input voltage range for the power supply.

  • Calculating the Wattage of an LED Strip

Next, calculate the length of the LED strip to be installed and multiply by the wattage per meter of the LED strip. For example, if you want to install a 5m LED tape light with a power of 10 w/m, the power of the led strip is: 5m x10 w/m = 50W.

Then, determine the wattage of the LED power supply you need. It is not recommended to fully load the power supply as this will cause it to heat up and shorten its lifespan. Expect to select at least 20% more capacity.

For example, the power supply of the LED strip above should be at least: 1.2 x 50W = 60W, therefore, a 60W power supply should be selected. However, when our required power supply does not fully meet the specifications, we can choose a higher output power supply, and the LED power supply with higher output will not damage the LED product, because it only consumes the required power.

  • Determine if you need a waterproof LED power supply or a non-waterproof LED power supply

The placement of the power supply determines the choice of waterproof or non-waterproof power supply. The waterproof or non-waterproof LED strip itself does not determine the IP rating of the power supply.

When you install and use LED strip lighting outdoors or in humid environments, you must pay attention to the IP rating of the power supply and the LED strip. Use a waterproof power supply if you need to place it outdoors or in a humid environment. Waterproof ratings can be IP65, IP67 or higher, as these power supplies have weatherproof cases that are perfect for outdoor use.

If the LED light strip is installed outdoors or in a humid environment, and the LED power supply can be installed in a dry environment, then the LED tape must use a waterproof LED strip, and the LED power supply can be chosen to be non-waterproof.

Where can I buy a good quality LED power supply?

High quality LED power supplies need to be characterized by high reliability and efficiency. Long-term stable operation is a basic requirement for lighting products. High reliability can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of lighting equipment. In addition, LED light strips are energy-saving products that require a high-efficiency power supply. The higher the efficiency of the power supply, the lower the power consumption, and it is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

COXO LED power supply has IP20 led power supply, IP67 waterproof power supply, Meanwell power supply, Dimming power supply and so on.

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