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Digital LED Strip Light

COXO Digital LED Strip includes :

Magic RGB WS2812B led strip – 5050 RGB dream color with IC built-in, 1 IC drives 1 led chip,  each LED is programmable and cuttable.

Digital RGB WS2813 led strip – 1 led 1 pixel, dual-signal wires version, signal break-point continuous transmission.
Addressable RGB WS2815 led strip – 12V DC, voltage drop less, 1 led 1 pixel, dual-signal wires version, signal break-point continuous transmission.

Dynamic Digital RGBW SK6812 led strip – 5050 RGBW dynamic color with IC built-in, 1 IC drives 1 led chip, each LED is programmable and cuttable.

Running RGB WS2811 led strip – 12V DC, most cost-effective digital led light strip.
Tunnable CCT&Single Color WS2811 led strip – 12V DC, single color and CTT, most cost-effective digital strip light.

IP20, IP54, IP65 are with 3M adhesive tape on backside,  IP67 and IP68 without 3M adhesive tape.
With full series of accessories available : LED Power Supply, LED Connector, SPI Controller, SPI Cable.

digital led strip light
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