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To praise the hard work of the past year and to create a positive and relaxed team atmosphere, COXO family took an unforgettable and enjoyable Shenzhen one-day trip on November 20th

UA Cinema“Railway Heroes”
 We watched the movie “Railway Heroes” together. The movie inspired our nationalism. We felt the determination of the railway team to guard the country at the cost of their lives, and paid tribute to all ordinary heroes.  

Railway Hero movie

Deluxebuffet in 95 floors of The St. Regis Shenzhen.
 We enjoy the delicious lunch with a spectacular view of the city in 95 floors of The St. Regis Shenzhen. We stood on the 95th floor looking out over the tall building, and look back to the past and forward into the future. COXO family all hope to get better and better performance and our company keep growing.   


Journey to the sky-“Bay Glory” sky wheel

We went on the Ferris wheel which is the largest ferris wheel in Asia. As the height rises, we feel scared and excited, but we really enjoy the beautiful coastline of Shenzhen Qianhai Bay. And then we share happiness together and take a picture to record this pleasant time.

Group photo
Group photo2

COXO family spent a most agreeable day together.COXO is a friendly, positive and united family. We work together, have fun together, and strive together towards the same goal!

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