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COXO NEW Solderless COB Led Strip Connectors

1. what is H series transparent connector ?

New H series cob led strip connectors are specially designed for high density and COB led strip. They are dedicated, ultra-narrow and make the connection between strips seamless and unobstructed.

The new design not only realizes a safe, fast and convenient way to connect the light strips, but also solves problem of the shadow after connection, and highly restore the original light effect of the led strips. The innovative connection structure makes the connection have a better bite force and stability between the led tape and the connector, not easy to drop off.The new connector is also suitable for quick installation of strips in aluminum channel linear lights. It improves the flexible application and convenience of the installation scene.

2. Product Features

  • Solderless
  • COB and high density led strips compatible
  • Seamless connection, continuous light
  • 100% transparent, no shade, keeping original color temperature
  • 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm width for your choice
  • With the strip to strip COB connector, you can cut the strip with the size you want
  • Different types for choice-2pin 3pin 4pin cob led strip connectors

3. how to use cob led strip connector?

  • Cut the light strip from the cutting point.
  • Strip off the 3M double sided tape.
  • Insert the strips into the transparent slot of the connector to keep the light strip led in the middle of the connector. (note: the positive and negative poles of the two directions should match)
  • Clamp both conductor for piercing PCB one by one.
  • Connecting completed, connect with power, light on.

If you want to know how to cut led light strips, please click on our article “can you cut LED strip and cob LED strip?” It will tell you how to cut the led tape correctly and can be used normally.

cob led strip connector

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