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COXO Flexible V Series COB LED Strip Light

The V-Series COB LED strip is a new product from COXO. In terms of appearance, compared to other COB strip lights, the glue of the V Series COB LED strip is translucent and milky white, and there is no phosphor powder mixed in the glue, so it also has a good color consistency.

Advantages of V Series COB LED Strip:

1. New technology, low cost.

2. High brightness, high quality.

3. 5 meters per roll, with no solder joints.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection.

5. The thickness is less than 2 mm.

6. Good heat dissipation and long service life.

7. The back of the LED light strip can be affixed, making it easy to install.

8. Can be cut.

9. Available in 3000K, 4000K, 6500K and CCT colors.

10. UL CE RoHS ERP certificate.

v series cob led strips light


COXO focuses on the research, solution and production of LED strips. Customized service is one of our strengths. We can provide a one-stop solution for your indoor and outdoor lighting projects. If you need it, our excellent international sales team is always at your service. Please feel free to contact us.

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