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COB LED Strip Connector

COXO COB LED Strip Connector is a good partner to work with dot-free COB LED Strips, compared to others normal connectors, it has the following advantages:

–COB and high density (2835-240) led strips compatible
–Seamless connection, continuous light
–100% transparent, no shade, keeping original color temperature
–6mm, 8mm, 10mm width for your choice
–With the strip to strip COB connector, youc an cut the strip with the size you want
–Different types for choice

Here pls kindly check the specification:

Solderless transparent LED connector 

good partner to work with cob led strips

COB connector _02
  • Solderless
  • Cob and high density (2835-240led) strips compatible
COB led connector_04
  • Seamless connection, continuous light
  • 100% transparent, no shade, keeping original color temperature

Full series connectors

6mm, 8mm, 10mm connectors for 5mm, 8mm, 10mm cob and high density led strips. Transparent connector for single color cob strip PCB to PCB

COB led connector_06
COB led connector_06


Strip to strip – cut the strip with size you want

COB led connector_09

Strip to power – solderless, convenient and fast connection

COB connector_11

L shape connector – conner connection

COB led connector_13
COB led connector_14

How to use the connectors

COB connector_16

This product is disposable, which could not be opened and reused.

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