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Buying Guide for LED Aluminum Profiles

What is LED aluminum profile?

LED Aluminum channels are a crucial part of any linear LED fixture.  They act as a durable, lightweight housing for LED strip lighting of any color temperature, color, or output. Most importantly they act as the primary source of thermal management for your LED strips.  With a variety of different styles, they allow you to create any lighting effect specific to your design objectives.

LED Aluminum Profiles

Why choose LED aluminum channels?

LED strip light are becoming more and more popular due to their energy-saving, safe, easy-to-install and durable advantages. LED strips can be used for home, office, mall, and industrial lighting, and more, but how do you install LED tape on uneven surfaces, or use them for decorative lighting? This is where the aluminium channel for led strip lighting can help you.

LED aluminum profiles are designed to safely place LED tape light, they come in many different sizes and shapes, so you can easily mount them on any surface, some LED extrusion channels also have features like diffused or recessed lighting, to help you customize your lighting projects.

Here are some advantages of using LED aluminum profiles:

  • Protection: led tape light channel protect the LED light strips from environmental factors like heat, humidity, dirt, water and more.
  • Lighting Effects: You can create different light effects by choosing the right LED light aluminum extrusion.
  • Installation: led aluminum channel can be installed in any style. You can choose recessed aluminum LED profiles or surface mounted LED extrusions.
  • Various sizes: Our aluminum channels for LED strips are available in a variety of sizes from smaller strip holders perfect for staircase and under cabinet lighting to larger mounting units that can house multiple LED light strips.

Where to buy LED aluminum profiles?

COXO is a high-tech enterprise specializing in LED linear light. With the objective to be the most professional and innovative supplier of led linear light in the world.

COXO product line includes more then 200+ models LED Profiles, such as furniture led profileniche led profilestair led profileedge led profilemounting led profilefloor led profilecorner led profileflexible led neon tube. With the production capacity of 500,000 meters per month and independent sample-made line, we are capable of take over various sizes of orders with fast action, from 1pcs to 100,000pcs.

We can provide one-stop solutions for your indoor and outdoor lighting projects. At COXO, you can find a series of products such as LED aluminum profilesLED stripsLED power suppliesconnectorscontrollers, etc. Get in touch with us for further assistance.

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