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9 Types Recommended Flexible COB LED Strips

Flexible COB LED strips are very uniform. All thanks to the innovative COB technology, which enables a large number of LED chips to be packed in the smallest space. Combined with the phosphor layer on the LED strip, it produces a continuous, even and bright light along its entire length. There are no discernible spots of light that are common with traditional LED strips.

The technology of flexible COB led strips is continuously developing. During this development process, many different types of COB light strips have emerged. They have the same characteristics, different advantages, and different application scenarios. Now, this article mainly introduces 9 different flexible COB led strips.

flexible cob led strip

Flexible COB LED strip light

COXO has 9 kinds of flexible COB led strips, namely doubel line COB strip, Ra95 cob strip, high lumen cob strips, CCT RGB COB strip, Digital addressable cob strip, side-emitting cob strips, CSP cob strip, COB LED neon light strip.

Double line COB Strip Light: Double line COB led light strip is the latest product of COXO, featuring high quality, high brightness (2700-3050LM), and high CRI (Ra>95), large chip, good conductivity and heat dissipation, and super large luminous surface.

High CRI COB Strip Lights: Our high-lumen light strips are all high-standard CRI>95, which can achieve clear and precise light output, and also have excellent color rendering, which can provide the best color rendering solution and provide professional lighting for your project Lighting support.

High Lumen COB Strip Lights: High lumen series COB light strips are high brightness and high efficiency, which can provide high-performance color rendering and brightness solutions. 3oz FPC has better cooling effect, UL CE BIS RoHS ERP certification, 5-year warranty. It is mainly used for lighting projects with high brightness requirements.

CCT COB Strip Lights: CCT COB LED Strip is characterized by adjustable  color temperature, ranging from 2700K to 6500K.  It can meet any of your requirements for white light. COB CCT Strip Light has a wide range of application scenarios, mainly used for closet lighting, under-counter lighting, bedroom lighting or living room lighting.

RGB COB Strip Lights: COXO RGBX series light strips are divided into three types: RGB RGBW RGBCCT. Its advantages are the use of modern COB packaging technology, good heat dissipation, good stability, and bendability; COB rgb light strips can produce thousands of mixed colors, which can create wonderful colored lights effect, the top standard solution for your colored lighting projects. COB RGB strip light can produce any desired color, which is suitable for residential and commercial applications that need to adjust the luminous color according to different situations, such as game rooms, home theaters, restaurants, parties, etc.

Addressable COB Strip Lights: COB digital LED Strip is an addressable light strip, it is equipped with ws2811 IC every 3cm on the PCB board, it has fantastic color and magic lighting function. Also easier to bend than any other SMD LED strip, easy to make any shape. COB addressable magic led strip lights are mainly used in some specific places that require colored lighting, such as KTV lighting decoration, concert stage, electronic advertising screen, etc.

Side-Emitting COB Strip Lights: The COB side-view LED Strips uses CSP chip, which has good stability, small size and good color consistency. It uses high-quality 3M adhesive, which has good adhesion and is easy to install. Applied in special emitting lighting cases, energy-saving and environment-friendly. side-view cob led strip can be used as an atmosphere light, suitable for cabinets, computers, cars, bicycle decorations, border or contour lighting, etc.

CSP COB Strip Lights: CSP LED strip is a new technology, its advantage is lower cost, can provide economical solution, 5m per roll, no solder joint, energy saving and environmental protection. It has 3000k 4000k 6500k and CCT for choice. CSP COB LED tape can be widely used in various lighting scenes, such as bedroom lighting, ceiling lighting, studio lighting, etc.

COB LED Neon Lights: Our cob LED neon are waterproof light strips. Its waterproof level is IP67SJ, IP68SJ. The waterproof outer layer is made of environmentally friendly food-grade silicone material, which has better transmittance and long service life; it can resist ultraviolet rays, anti-yellowing and anti-salt, the working temperature is -25 to 70 degrees. COB neon lights have single-color, CCT, RGB for choice. COB waterproof strip light is mainly used in some wet places, such as bathrooms, boathouses, seaside, outdoor decoration, etc.


COXO is a professional manufacturer in LED strip light, We focus on LED strip light research, solution and production. Our expertise and over 10-year experience make us good at making professional LED strips. We products have achieved UL, CE, RoHS and ERP certificates. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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