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COXO New Arrival- 2835 120LED 2811 Chasing LED Strip Light


SPI/Digital/Magic chasing LED strip, addressable, full color, programmable. 2 Years Warranty.
Widely applied in decoration lighting projects, high cost-effective performance.
Various opinions of the color temperature of 6000K, 4000K, 3000K, ICE Blue, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink.

LED strip chasing lights

2835led/ws2811 chip

Chasing LED Strip
led strip light chasing_04High lumen chip
High lumen, large luminous area
Uniform lighting
Low heat radiation
Low brightness declines
Pure copper wire
Reduce power loss
led strip light chasing
led strip light chasing_10Anti-dead led
One led dead,
Other leds still work
  • Pure Copper Pad/Good Conductivity Strong Heat Dissipation
  • WS2811/1903, Built-in IC
  • 2835LED 50000 Hours Lifetime
  • 2OZ & 3OZ High-conductivity pure copper FPCB
led strip light_13
led strip color

Original 3M Adhesive Tape

Stable installation

led strip light chasing 24

Easy to use

led strip chasing_26


led strip light chasing_28
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