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20M Super Length 2835 120LEDs/M LED Strip


CC  Series 2835 LED Strip is made by 2835(Ultra-Low Power) top LEDs with latest new constant current technology and is designed to consistent the current and voltage of strip from the front to the end which have only 3% current differences. Its Max. working length is up to 20M by one end powered. It is a advanced solution for our linear lighting projects.

High brightness dot free ultra-long led strip!


Super Length

1pc power supply drives a whole 20m led strip



24V DC
10W/M, 200W/Roll
980 Lm/m

Constant Current

The current through each LED is constant to keep the same brightness from the beginning to the end.

Head Brightness = End Brightness

Built – in IC

Without resistance, internal IC makes stable performance.

Color Temperature Optional

With 2700K/ 3000K/ 4000K/ 6000K color temperatures for choices, other customized colors are available, and SDCM<3.


Minimum cut length: 100mm(6LEDs)
Width: 10mm
Thickness: 3OZ
Length: 20Meter

Features & Advantages


Waterproof LED Light strips

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