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20M Super Length 2835 120LEDs/M LED Strip


CC Series 2835 LED strip is made by 2835 (Ultra-Low Power) top LEDs with the latest new constant current technology and is designed to consistent the current and voltage of strip from the front to the end which have only 3% current differences. The Max working length is up to 20M by one end powered. It is an advanced solution for our linear lighting projects.

High brightness dot free ultra-long led strip!


Super Length

1pc power supply drives a whole 20m led strip



24V DC
10W/M, 200W/Roll
980 Lm/m

Constant Current

The current through each LED is constant to keep the same brightness from the beginning to the end.

Head Brightness = End Brightness

Built – in IC

Without resistance, internal IC makes stable performance.

Color Temperature Optional

With 2700K/ 3000K/ 4000K/ 6000K color temperatures for choices, other customized colors are available, and SDCM<3.


Minimum cut length: 100mm(6LEDs)
Width: 10mm
Thickness: 3OZ
Length: 20Meter

Features & Advantages


Waterproof LED Light strips

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