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12V LED Strip Light and 24V LED Strip Lights

LED light strips are now a very popular lighting decorating product. They are classified by voltage and can be divided into low-voltage strip lights and high-voltage strip lights. The most common low-voltage led strips are 12V and 24V, and high-voltage led strips are 110V and 220V. In this paper, we focus on understanding the properties of 12V and 24V LED strips.

12v 24v led strip light

12V LED Strip Light Features

1. Safety. 12V is a safe voltage for the human body and can be used in applications where safety requirements are critical.

2. Long service life. The 12V strip circuit works at DC low voltage. Low voltage operation results in longer LED life.

3. No flickering. Because the low-voltage LED light strip uses DC voltage, it avoids the stroboscopic phenomenon that occurs in the use of AC light products.

4. Power supplies are easy to find on the market. 12V led power supplies are very common in the market. Note that you will need a 12VDC power supply or power adapter. 12V led tape cannot be directly connected to a 110V power supply.

24V LED Strip Lights Features

24V strip lights have a number of advantages that make them very popular. Compared to the 12V LED strip, 24V is better to make long LED light strips. They are better for longer run installation, need less feed points due to the requirement for LED wires is less demanding, can be used for high efficacy lighting, and require less power supplies and controllers.

1. Compared with 12V LED strip lights, 24V LED strip lights are more suitable for large-scale installations.

2. The operating voltage of the LED strips with high-luminous efficacy is generally 24V, because the LED voltage (2.7-3.3V) and other parameters determine that 12V is not suitable for high luminous efficacy light strips. A light strip with higher luminous efficacy will produce more lumens of light than a regular light strip, on the condition that the two light strips consume the same amount of power energy.

3. 24V LED strip lights use 24V led power supplies and controllers. For medium to large installations, the total power of the LED strips is generally larger. With the overall power of the LED light strips being the same, the power ratings of the 24V power supply and the LED controller are relatively larger compared to 12V, so the number of power supplies and controllers required is less for the 24V version, which makes the 24V led tape more economical than 12V.


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